Kroucky Layout Automation - Holy Makkah Municipality (HMM) - GeoPortal

Abdelhameed Hamdy

Kroucky Layout Automation is a web application widget related to HMM GeoPortal (Makkah GIS Explorer), it provides a workflow automation for registering investment parcels owned by HMM into Oracle Siebel CRM automatically, in addition to issuing layouts from the GeoPortal integrated with HMM REST/Map Services.

A special algorithm has been developed for extracting parcel's neighbours and boundaries and its cardinal borders, it has been integrated with the web module as a GeoPorcessing web service published and exposed by ArcGIS Server.

Technology stack used

ArcGIS Server/ArcMap/ArcPy, HTML5, JavaScript, Adobe Flex, ActionScript.

Associated with Al-Moammar Information Systems

Scope of work

Designing & developing a UI/UX as web widget.
Designing and implementing a GeoProcessing algorithm web service for extracting land neighbours and its cardinal geo-directions automatically using ArcPy and publishing it using ArcGIS Server.
Integrating with Oracle Siebel Services and National Address API Service.

presentation demo

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