Subdivisions Permits Automation - Holy Makkah Municipality (HMM) - GeoPortal

Abdelhameed Hamdy

Subdivisions Permits Automation is a web application widget related to HMM GeoPortal (Makkah GIS Explorer), it provides a workflow automation for processing/issuing subdivision plans permits through loading CAD files from local engineering offices.

How widget works

The widget starts by accepting a CAD file from user with specific requirements and a PDF license file, then it starts processing the CAD file by calling a GeoPorcessing model web service, then it renders a GIS layer with the corrosponding spatial data.

Once the desired spatial layer has been rendered, The widget offers the possibility of selecting the permit license period required, and then waiting for the approval from HMM, and eventually exporting the permit license from the GeoPortal directly as a pdf file.

Technology stack used

ArcGIS Server/ArcMap/ArcPy, HTML5, JavaScript, Adobe Flex, ActionScript.

Associated with Al-Moammar Information Systems

Scope of work

Designing & developing a UI/UX as a web widget.
Designing and implementing a GeoProcessing web service for extracting CAD file content using ArcPy.
Developing a Permit License Layout GeoProcessing web service using ArcPy.
Integrating with Oracle Siebel CRM Services.

presentation demo

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